Working in POLYSAN

  1. Working in strict accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.
    The work procedures are carried out in strict accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. The major legislative document regulating social and labour relations is POLYSAN employment agreement governing the mutual liabilities of the company and its employees. Along with benefits and compensations stipulated by the legislation, the company offers additional social programs, including the optional medical insurance. The latter provides the competent outpatient and hospital care in St.Petersburg medical centers for the company’s employees.
  2. Employees’ professional growth and skills upgrading.
    Corporate internal training is arranged on a regular basis in St.Petersburg and other cities. Various corporate training sessions, seminars, conferences are organized, business coaches are invited, business role-play exercises are set up. The knowledge management system is implemented in the company, internal talent pool is established and training sessions are conducted. POLYSAN aims to develop the employees’ potential at maximum and to offer all facilities for fulfilling their potential.
  3. Recruitment of graduates POLYSAN has successful experience of cooperating with students. It starts with internship in the company, further by its results a decision is taken on the best graduate employment, if there are job vacancies available. POLYSAN sponsors events organized by St.Petersburg Chemical & Pharmaceutical Academy, visits to production facilities are organized for students.
  4. Adequate renumeration and developed employees’ motivation system.
    Continuous improvement of the bonus system subject to the dynamics of the company’s financial and economic activities and considering the situation in the industry in general, and development of compensation and benefit system.
  5. Corporate culture development POLYSAN takes great care in supporting its corporate culture and team communication traditions based on the equality and trust. Traditional corporate celebrations, sports activities, tours are the informal ways of staff communication. Such joint out-of-work activities build a very united team and comfortable psychological climate and improve communication.

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