НТФФ Полисан - фармацевтическое производство

protection of health


”POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. was established in 2001 on the basis of Belgorod vitamin complex, one of the largest chemical & pharmaceutical plants of that time. The business of “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. is targeted to a low-and medium-tonnage API and semi-finished products manufacturing for pharmaceutical industry. In 2002 the enterprise was acquired into ownership by the scientific and technological pharmaceutical company “POLISAN”.

This acquisition was strategically important for STPF POLISAN ensuring the raw materials safety of its own production. The primary task assigned by the parent company to “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. was an uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical substances catering for the its growing demands and the achievement of high quality of its finished product. In 2017 “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. achieved the highest indicators of its production output – over 186 tons.

An integrated quality management system based on GMP and MC ISO 9001:2008 standards is successfully implemented at the plant, pharmaceutical products manufacturing and quality control management standards are also introduced.

Plant modernization and revamping project is executed as part of the enterprise development strategy with the following targets:

  1. expanding the capacities of the existing facilities;
  2. aligning of the existing production plant with the GMP standards;
  3. provision of the power supply safety;
  4. construction of a low-tonnage API production facility.

At the conclusion of the audit conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in April 2018 a conformity certificate of the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products for medical application to the Good Manufacturing Practice regulations was received.

In addition to the plant operational activity much attention is paid to the staff development: staff training and development, favorable social-economic conditions for the staff.
The team of “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. takes part on a regular basis in professional and socially oriented competitions. Over the past several years “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. took several times the first prize in a regional stage of the all-Russian competition “Russian company of high social efficiency” in a nomination “For the development of social partnership in manufacturing industry”.

The financial and economic achievements and successful social programs implementation at the plant enabled “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. to become a winner in a regional competition “Best production plant of the Belgorod region” and take its honorable place on the Alley of the Labor Glory of the Belgorod region. All the production and technological processes at POLISAN plant are automated. The human factor is minimized: all processes are controlled by modern industrial automation.

The affiliated company – “POLYSINTEZ” Ltd. in Belgorod - manufactures active substances for POLISAN -over 20 denominations. It enables to monitor the quality of own pharmaceutical products starting from the stage of active substances manufacturing.