Cytoflavin tablets

CYTOFLAVIN® Enteric coated tablets

Trade name:


Dosage form:

enteric coated tablets.

Therapeutic category:

metabolic regulator.

Pharmacological properties

CYTOFLAVIN® possesses anti-hypoxic activity, stimulating energy production in the cells; reduces free radical generation, and restores antioxidant enzyme activities.

The medicine improves cerebral blood flow; activates metabolic processes in central nervous system, and has positive effect on bioelectrical activity of the brain.

CYTOFLAVIN® has beneficial effect on patient’s neurologic status by reducing the manifestations of asthenia, headache, vestibulocerebellar and cochlear-vestibular syndromes. It also eliminates the distress in emotional and volitive sphere of the patient by reducing anxiety and depression; improves intellectual and mental function and quality of patient’s life.

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The choice of medication and drug use supervision can be exercised only by a doctor who will always consider patient’s personal factors.

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