НТФФ Полисан - фармацевтическое производство

protection of health

POLYSAN Pharmaceutical Plant:

Salova str., Bld 72, Unit 2, Litt. A,
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 192102


Ligovsky pr., 112, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 192102
E-mail: sales@polysan.ru, info@polysan.ru
Tel: +7 (812) 710-82-25
Fax: +7 (812) 764-62-84

Regarding employment and available job vacancies please contact HR manager:
Tel: +7 (812) 764- 96-63, +7 (921) 424-89-35 or email: hr@polysan.ru

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Submitting the message shall mean the consent for processing and storing the personal data of the patient and/or the applicant by POLYSAN or its qualified person. The sender shall confirm that the provided information is complete, accurate and authentic.

Reporting of data shall keep within the current law without prejudice to the rights and interests of the third parties.

The information shall be held in strict confidence. Applicant data shall not be publicly disclosed but may be submitted to the Federal Service for Supervision in Health Care, unless otherwise specified when submitting the report.

A representative of POLYSAN pharmacovigilance department may contact the applicant to ascertain the information submitted in the report.

POLYSAN shall cease processing of personal data having received a claim via e-mail sent to safety@polysan.ru or via the feedback service at the company’s website www.polysan.ru.