НТФФ Полисан - фармацевтическое производство

protection of health

Localization projects experience

POLYSAN has been developing the contract manufacturing business line since 2015 and has already built a partnership with lead global pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Pfizer и STADA. Main contract manufacturing directions: tablets, solution for infusions, intravenous and intramuscular solutions.

POLYSAN localizes four original DPs within the joint project with Bayer.

Total product output will amount to more than 2 mio packs/year upon completion of the technological transfer stage.

POLYSAN’s contract manufacturing projects brief


Signing of the antioxidant DP localization agreement (STADA)


Commercial production of the antioxidant DP (STADA)


Studying DPs localization aspects (requested by Pfizer and Bayer)


Signing of Strategic partnership agreement (Bayer) and Contract manufacturing agreements with Pfizer (tablets) and Bayer (contrast media)


Signing of the coagulant DP contract manufacturing agreement (Bayer)


Signing of the antibacterial DP contract manufacturing agreement (STADA)


Launch of X-ray contrast media commercial production (Bayer)


Launch of contrast media (Bayer), tablets (Pfizer) and the antibacterial DP (STADA) commercial production

Key commercial indicators of the projects

- localization projects production volume – app. 15% of POLYSAN’s own DP production volumes;
- average time limits for DP localization project – 3.5 years;
- Localized product sales volumes in Russia – more than 10 billion RUB.